Saturday, March 17, 2012

Into the Valley(of Potential Unconsciousness)

What a day.
Well actually it's not over yet, but it is for me.
I almost got caught by Dehydration Induced Low Blood Pressure Syndrome(DILBPS) again!
Almost, but not quite.
More on this later.
Anyways, this morning we gathered up at Kvibe for the Great Kalihi Cargo Haul.
Well we did hual some cargo, well I didn't actually haul cargo, but some cargo was hauled in their new cargo bike.
First, the early morning gathering:

My first excuse: I don't usually ride this early.
So anyways, here we are rolling out:

Our destination?
All the way up the valley to Ho'oulu Aina, the place where I went with school a few weeks back:

The kids were enticed to work up there by Kvibe offering a new bicycle, kindly donated by a local bicycle shop, to be raffled off after we were done.
Those who didn't have also got free helmets courtesy of a local hospital.
The helmets were given out by University of Hawaii nursing students.
Unfortunately, I already had one.
A bicycle helmet I mean.
I am thankful they were there though.
The nursing students I mean.
See the road to the valley was all uphill.
Okay, not really.
Mostly uphill.
Not a lot of climbing, but enough to do me in.
Here's the Prevaricating Garmin info:

Don't pay attention to the average speed and time, I ended up walking around at the end with the Garmin in my pocket.
So anyways, I get all the way Ho'oulu Aina, and there's like this freaking steep driveway to get up which I didn't, I had to get off and walk up but I'm feeling okay even though I know I've been pushing it pretty hard.
I didn't wear my heart rate strap figuring I wouldn't need it, and I didn't but it would have been interesting to see the data.
So I get up to the place and I'm a huffing and puffing and I start to feel it.
My heart rate starts slowing down, but I'm not really recovering well.
Then my vision starts to go south.
Look at all the lights!
Excuse me, I say, are you a nursing student?
Yes, is the reply.
Well, if I should fall down unconscious, would you be kind enough to call an ambulance for me?
Well I didn't fall down unconscious, but they did call an ambulance for me.
Took me about a half hour to recover and by the time the EMTs got there, I was pretty much okay although my systolic was still hovering below a hundred.
Did I mention I try not ride early in the mornings the day after dialysis?
It all turned out fine, I was walking around goofing off in no time.
After signing the waver for the ambulance folks.
What everyone else was doing while I was doing nothing coming up.
That means Part II.

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