Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Final

First ride today on the YTBN!
The weather finally cleared, sort of, and off I went with Hoku in tow.
Which was a good thing as I was a huffing and a puffing like you wouldn't believe and Hoku looked like he just jumped on his bicycle.
It was on overcast day, but that didn't stop these folks:

Off to explore the Pacific are they.
Watch out for waterspouts!
Anyways about halfway out it rained, so I cut the ride short and Hoku went off to go surf.
I did manage to get in a good twenty miles, well not really good, but twenty miles is twenty miles.
If you know what I mean.
So what about the YTBN?
It's nice, but not like super duper or anything.
Although it weighs less than the Celest Devil, you can't really tell but it does feel lighter than the Ciocc.
The frame soaks up bumps, like when you go over manhole covers and such and there is less road vibration.
Steering feels a bit twitchy, but my headset was tight and I was doing some over correcting so that might have been it. After I loosened it up a bit it felt better.
I like the new seat, a Selle Italia Flight Gel Flow, but there is a problem:

The seat flexes so much that the sides are hitting the seat clamp.
That's even after I ground them down some.
The Dremelizer will be coming out later and I'll see if I can fix that up.
I was worried a bit about front derailleur function as the cable comes up through the carbon behind the BB:

I wasn't sure how much rubbing I was going to get and I also wasn't to sure about the braze on adapter:

No problems.
So far.
As you can see, we did hit some wet roads, and oh boy I felt like screaming like a little girl.
The frame has some drain holes, but some of them are like really tiny, like the one on the fork:

I guess I shouldn't be worried for it's not like it can rust.
Overall, it's a pretty nice ride.
I'm not sure I'm all blown away or anything, we'll see once I get to ride my bicycles back to back, but I'm pretty happy.
The cockpit feels nice, I'm not over reaching and the bars aren't too low.
I didn't even have to adjust the seat.
Would I have been just as happy with another steel frame?
Perhaps, but at least this is something different, something new, something I never experienced before.
Right now I just like fact that it feels different.
We'll see how it is after I get some miles in.
Okay, time to do some cleaning and maybe get on a coat of wax:


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Love the beach and river photo!
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