Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Finally, no rain.
I awoke yesterday to actual blue skies!
Not for long though as some lingering clouds settled in and stayed for most of the day.
At least it wasn't wet.
It was windy though.
Like in high wind warnings.
Which made sense for on Friday morning, the day my cactus took a leap over the railing, it turns out we actually had a tornado come down in Lanikai and Kailua.
A freakin tornado!
Well, it started out as a water spout and made land, so officially it was a waternado.
Over near My Friend Hoku's home, which is about two or three miles from Flat Tire Central, he actually had freakin hail.
He took some video on his iphone so I'll try to get some footage.
So anyways, after spending some time cleaning up stuff that got blown around, I got back to work on Project Rockhopper.
First of all, I didn't get anything done on Friday, as I needed to take off one of the bottom bracket cups, one of them olden days style cups.
I didn't have the right tool and the Flat Tire Bottom Bracket tool wasn't working so off I went and took the frame over to Kvibe, where I used their tool and and a length of pipe to get that pesky cup off.
I would have used the olden days style bottom bracket except the non drive side crank arm snugged down against the cup and wouldn't turn.
So I had to use the original bottom bracket, which was square taper but ISIS style.
Lemme just say, them ISIS cups are a pain in the you know what to work on.
The wrench kept slipping off and I was in danger in injuring my greedy little hands numerous times.
I know some folks still swear by square taper, I don't see anything wrong with them except for the cups, but I like working on the newer outboard style cups better.
Okay, so I get the old BB out and am trying not break any knuckles installing the other BB, but wait!
The cable guide screw thingy is in the way:

Like I need something else to go wrong.
Okay, as you can see, I just took out the screw as part of the guide sits in the hole on the BB.
I hope the cable tension is enough to hold it there.
Okay, cranks on, derailleurs set, let's see how it shifts.
The top rear derailleur pulley is hitting the cassette:

No amount of B-screw adjustment helped drop the derailleur down.
It only happens on the largest cog, but it's real close on the other gears too.
Not sure what to do.
Well I left that and moved on to adjusting the brakes.
Cantilever brakes.
Which for me are a major pain in the you know what.
I stared at them for about two minutes and decided to watch the Hawaii baseball game.
So the Rockhopper hangs ingloriously in the stand awaiting some brake tweaks and some derailleur remedy.
Meanwhile the postperson dropped this off:

Oh yeah baby!
Faux carbon Deda bar end caps!
The final piece on the Yet To Be Named(YTBN).

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