Wednesday, January 22, 2014


That oldfangled fine grain yellow like a banana film.
You remember, the one I promised to try out and report back to you about:

If you are so inclined you, the reader, can read more about it here.
Lemme tell you, this is not your ordinary film.
Not your grandfather's film either.
For one thing, it's a bit difficult to wrap yer head around an ASA/ISO of 6 which is the slow like molasses version of film.
I picked it up because of the slow shutter speeds of them oldfangled cameras; you cannot even shoot ISO 400 film without overexposing.
On the other hand, working with such a low ISO means doing some math way outside of the norm.
I'll stop talking:

The film can resolve.
I read somewhere that maybe the grain is so fine maybe the lenses cannot keep up with the resolving power of the film!
Okay, that doesn't sound correct but you get the idea.
Most of the pictures I took were underexposed; I forgot I had yellow filter on the camera and it was getting dark making it harder to guestimate the camera settings.
Still I was impressed, even if the negatives look a bit goofy:

They're clear!
Very strange to see for the first time.
Anyways, I'm pondering picking up a bulk roll of this stuff, only because I'm interested in the challenges in shooting it.
Then again even rolling my own it comes out to about four bucks a roll and I'm not sure I'm good enough for the film.
Seeing as how it's so awesome and all that.
So then I read about this other film that's like ASA/ISO 25.
I got some of that stuff coming in.
Stay tuned.

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