Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bad, Bad, Bad

It comes in threes they say.
All that bad.
Yes it does.
Now I'm sad.
Very, very sad.

I was happy cause that came in the mail.
My happy lasted only about ten minutes for I found out the focus ring was frozen.
Take a good look for the next time you see that camera it will be in pieces.
Parts camera it is now.
Then I was happy again cause I got some new film!
Slow ISO 25 film and I was all excited to test it out.
Except almost the whole roll was under exposed.
Seems that particular film don't like yellow filters:

I got only like five usable images out of the twenty four frames:

Even those are over/under exposed.
Well I got two more rolls and I went out today to try again.
This time without a filter and I used my trusty Nikon F3.
Except when I got to school to do some work, I dropped it on the ground.
My camera I mean.
Sort of sad.
Really sad when I developed the roll:

Looks like half frame shots!
Except my camera don't do half frames.
At least it didn't used to.
Now it does:

Apparently the impact of the fall wrinkled the shutter curtain on my F3.
Now I'm Super Sad!
Instead of adding to my camera collection, I'm going backwards!
Super Duper Sad.
Bad, bad, bad.
Sad, sad, sad.

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