Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Final

Late again!
Boy, all these laziness drills really set me back time wise.
Okay we got a lot to go over so let's get started!
Yesterday, I was off to Chinatown again:

Steaming dim sum!
Too bad I could only look through the window.
Much to see and do.
Chinatown is so full of colors!

Ribbon for lei.
Most of the lei stands that I know of are in Chinatown.
There are also some at the airport but most of the local folks, when they are in need of fresh lei, head off to Chinatown.
So happened they were also having a New Years festival:

I gave the dragon a buck, you know, for good luck!
It was really fuzzy.
For a dragon I mean:

There was also a lotta food.
Thankfully, I was pretty hungry:

Though not hungry enough to eat this roast pig being wheeled across the street:

I took more pictures both film and digital, mostly artsy fartsy stuff as I was with two students and I was trying to get them to see things.
Like through a lens I mean, better.
If you know what I mean.
Up and down the streets we wandered, going here and there, to and fro well, you get the idea:

More on Chinatown later as I just got back from Waikiki and I'm eating some leftover fried rice and beef oyster sauce from yesterday seeing as how I was in Chinatown and I had a craving for well, Chinese food.
Except I'm trying to eat fried rice with chopsticks and trying to eat Chinese fried rice with chop sticks when you're hungry is a gallant but futile effort.
Just ain't happening.
So anyways, I 'll catch up with you, the reader tomorrow as it's a holiday and I got nothing better to do.
That's sort of like a laziness drill.
Okay I sort of got something to do.
Monday Early Edition coming up.
You know, to make up for the lost Sunday Early Edition.

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