Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Early Edition

Sort of early.
Early for me on a holiday anyways.
So last night I ventured into the concrete jungle of Waikiki to do battle with natives and tourists and whoever else got in front of my lens.
On my way I saw this:

Some storage folks with a sense of humor.
Or something.
Anyways, I was shooting mostly film as I was working on my night eyeballs getting used to without a meter.
My meter.
My poor new to me meter which I dropped on the ground and broke.
More on this later.
So into the giant tourist trap!
Looks like someone decided to stay:

Last night I walked into Waikiki along the other side of the road, usually the side I return home on.
You know, to get a different perspective.

The dude with the electric cello was pretty good as was the dude on the ukulele.
As you can see though, they weren't getting too much attention.
At least this guy had and audience, sort of:

Mr. Duckhead had a squeaky thing on his foot that he used to make well, squeaky sounds as he jammed on his guitar.
Little girl there was busting a move to his beat.
I dunno, I think I'd rather be a banana head.
These folks went all out:

They were at the same place I saw a band setting up last time I was here, but apparently these are different guys.
I gotta say, getting a four man band on a sidewalk ain't easy and I give them credit for doing it.
They were pretty good too.
I also took a picture of an airbrush artist working the sidewalk and was asked by his assistant not to take any pictures.
She and I had some words about expectation of privacy and such and the artist dude came over to explain that flash photography wasn't good for his eyeballs which I perfectly understood.
The thing that bothered me was that they were on a freakin public sidewalk bordering on breaking a city ordinance and I didn't take to well about someone asking me not to take pictures.
His assistant asked me nicely, but seriously?
I moved on:

Custom slippers!
Only folks on mainland call them flip flops and I don't even know what that means.
The flip flop part I mean.
Anyways, you can go in and choose all sorts of beads and little flowers and uh, stuff to decorate your slippers with.
Great idea and the counter was full.
Newfangled skateboard:

Equipped for night galavanting with head and tail lights.
Carbon fibre.
High tech.
I'll take only two wheels please.
Okay, I developed my film but I gotta go over and scan it so I got more later.
I also shot that yellow super slow film and I should go out and shoot the other roll but it's a holiday and I'm feeling like I should get to my laziness drills.
We'll see how I feel later.
Or not.

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