Tuesday, January 7, 2014

400 vs 50, 2 Out Of 24

Not an even fight at all.
I mean the odds are stacked, but there is some handicapping going on.
I mean it's like the old vs. the new:

Okay, it is the old vs. the newish seeing as how we are comparing a 60 year old camera to a 30 year old camera.
Lemme tell you I got so many cameras it's hard to remember what I took with what.
I mean I carry around all these cameras and sometimes I forget exactly what's on the film.
So imagine my surprise when I found the same shot on two different cameras:

I straightened and cropped the images a bit and then converted both to black and white so the tone of the pictures are about the same.
Which picture came from which camera?
First of all compare the size of the lenses as everybody says it's all about the glass.
I'd say resolution is fairly close cause if you squint yer eyeballs you can see the channel markers in each photo.
I'd say contrast is pretty close too although the bottom image looks a bit over exposed compared to the top.
Here's the kicker: one camera has a built in light meter while the other has a best guess feature.
Credit me I suppose, for sort of knowing what I'm doing.
Go ahead, click on the images and blow em up.
I'll wait.
Can you see a difference in quality?
In one image you should see more grain as one film was ISO 400 and the other was that ISO 50 film I was using.
Okay, that was a dead giveaway if you, the reader, have been following along at home.
Here are the crops in the same order:

Now can you see the difference?
I swear that bottom image could pass for digital!
Okay, not really.
Close though, if it was at the original size.
The two bottom images were taken with the oldfangled Contessa using Ilford PanF ISO 50 film.
The other one was taken with the Nikon using Kodak Tri-X 400, the old staple noir et blanc film.
I gotta say I was surprised to see the difference in the images.
Of course the Nikon would probably crush the Contessa at night and both cameras would crush somebodys head as they both weigh about the same.
I swear that little Contessa feels like it was milled from a solid block of steel.
I don't think aluminium was invented yet.
Anyways, I just thought I'd share.
Oh and here's the lightning images from last night:

That's like the only two pictures I got out of around twenty four shots.
I suppose I don't know what I'm doing after all.
Or the lightning was too fast for me.
Or the shutter was too slow.
Or something.

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