Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Or Saturday Late Edition.
It was that kind of day.
More on that later.
First the weekly delivery:

Oh yeah baby!
Vintage high tech!

The Zeiss Ikon Contessa is a 35mm rangefinder that only looks big.
It's actually really tiny.
Well tiny compared to the Konica Auto S2:

It was high tech for it's time as it has an uncoupled light meter which means you read it then set your well, settings unlike newfangled cameras where the lens and aperture are well, coupled to the meter.
Takes pretty good pictures too:

That last picture is over exposed cause the meter in the camera is like 60 years old and it reads a couple of stops off so I just guestimated the settings.
That is until I got this:

Thats' right incident and reflected lighting fans!
A Zeiss light meter!
Only 40 years old!
Around there anyways.
Very simple to use as you just turn the dial one way:

Then turn it the other way:

Until voila!

Now you can set your camera's shutter and aperture:

Oh don't forget to set your ISO/ASA which in this case was 50.
Which is really low but I need it since them oldfangled cameras don't have much shutter speed.
I also used the meter today to test out that 50 ISO film but I haven't developed it yet.
I'll try to post up scans tomorrow.
I mean today.
There might even be a Sunday Afternoon Edition.
Well there may not be one unless I get to bed.
So off I go!


John Romeo Alpha said...

I'd like to get me some of the black and white Kona Hawaii Bliss. Whoa.

limom said...

That sounds like some kind of coffee.
Or umbrella drink.
Or something.