Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wide is Wider

Oh yeah baby!
Wide is better!
Wide, wide, wide!

You, the reader, can see the difference between the new old camera and the other new old camera.
The Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2 takes pictures in 6x9 format as opposed to the 6x6 of the other camera.
It also has a state of the art viewfinder:

That's right eyes wide open fans!
No more squinting yer eyeballs trying to look into a viewfinder the size of a peephole!
If it was any bigger you could actually use both eyes!
It also has this prism like thingy mounted on front:

So I get this new camera and I'm admiring it and all but I notice that the front element is a bit fogged.
Or something.
Anyways, I get the idea in my head that I'm gonna clean it.
I find some instructions on the ole intranetz that says to just unscrew it.
So I take off the focus stop thingy and unscrew it and give it a good cleaning.
Except it appears that the fogginess is in between the elements.
Not okay so I screw the lens back on.
Then I scroll down the instructions thread where another dude mentions marking the lens when removing to make sure you don't toss the focus off.
I slap my head like I could have had a V8 and start to worry and fret.
So I put a roll of that cheapo film in and do some distance tests:

Oh thank you Photography Gods for smiling down at me!
I swear I'm never going to tinker around with a camera again!
More on that later.
So off I went to the beach to test that puppy out.
The camera I mean:

These negatives are so wide you only get like eight shots per roll.
Wide, wide, wide!
The scans are also so huge I gotta scale them down so that I load them into blogger.
Which is good thing.
I think.
So anyways I got that other camera, the one I was trying to fix.
You know, the rangefinder part:

Well after I glued everything back in it seems there are some adjustments to do to the mirror thingys.
More internetz reading and instruction.
After I was adjusting the wrong screw.
Yes, you called it: banana head.
Okay lemme see if I can dig myself out of this one.
I mean after I spend hours breaking and fixing the thing with more tinkering around it seems I keep going backwards!
So I adjust this and it turns out I needed to adjust that also and I think I got everything aligned!
Now I just need to do some distance tests (again!) to see if I got it close.
More on this later.
I was going out to shoot some test shots but it's like raining felines and woofers so maybe I need to take my waterproof camera out instead.
Or maybe I'll get some lunch and scan some negatives.
Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

You seem to have a knack for fixing those things back to working order! I see a small shop in your future, perhaps Camera Kodamatsu Pottery Bikes! Yeah baby!

limom said...

I wouldn't call it a knack.
More like a bold naiveté.
Or stupidity.
Well, except for the pottery thing.
I went to school for that.