Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

I'm still sad.
I almost got my F3 back working by flattening the shutter some:

It fires but after checking all that wrinkling perforated the curtain:

I suppose it doesn't really matter since the mirror is shut but I think the more I use it larger that tear will get since the shutter curtain seems to be about as thin as aluminium foil.
Well yesterday I so overwhelmed with grief that I decided to quit photography.
Death in the family and all that.
Then I took a nap.
After I woke up I decided to get back on my proverbial horse and hit the streets.
Besides, I had a roll of film in my other camera I needed to finish it up.
Tripod on back, I decided to try some light trails:

I needed the cars to go by at twenty miles and hour plus in order for the radar thingy to read correctly or at least show twenty.
Actually I was hoping for someone to speed by but no one did:

I think light trails only work with a nice setting.
I mean I could take light trails all over the place, but it only looks nice in certain places:

I took that shot sitting on the sidewalk.
I also did a freeway shot earlier this week:

Gotta go back and reshoot that one and use a filter on the those street lights.
Anyways,  was a walking around thinking about my bad luck.
Mostly I was thinking about that F3.
I really liked that camera and I suppose I sort of got attached to it, kind of like a favorite tool.
Anyways, I went down by the Ala Wai canal to see the lights.
I still haven't got a nice shot there though I keep trying.
Last night it was too windy but I stood there for a bit and watched:

I could have stayed longer, but it was getting late so I headed back the Command Center.
Anyways, today I have all the cameras loaded up and I got some places to go to and see and I'm going to try that super slow film one more time.
Hopefully I'll get some real results.
I also got to do some searching on the eVilness.
You know, for another F3.


Chandra said...

Like the trails.
Happy Trails,

limom said...

Happy trails to you also!