Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Final

Sort of.
Today I went out in the rain and shot that Eastman 5363 really slow film.
The one that didn't come out cause my F3 bit the dust.
The film is rated at ASA 25 but for me it shoots about a stop slow:

I adjusted the exposure in post by one stop.
I could be wrong and maybe I just need to extend the developing time by a couple of minutes.
Along with my trusty 50mm lens I also took along my wide and long zooms, lenses I hardly use cause they're on the slow side and I mostly shoot at night.
The under exposure could be me too as I tend to shoot a bit under by habit.
Just a tad under exposed, not a full stop like how these images came out:

I'll probably order another couple of rolls, you know, just to fool around with.
The film is more like a novelty to me, it's actually cinema stock.
It doesn't have the latitude like regular still camera film as I feel it's really sensitive to exposure value.
Regular film like good ole Tri-X is good for a stop either way.
Good for folks like me who don't know what the hell they're doing.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I got some ideas about developing this stuff so it's back to the developing tank for me.
I hope it rains hard and I'll get to bust out my waterproof camera.


Trevor Woodford said...

You should come here then....It seems to be raining hard every day at the moment... perfect for testing that waterproof camera...

limom said...

How about I send you the camera?
I'll even throw in a roll of film!