Thursday, January 9, 2014


Well okay, maybe sort of.
The weekly delivery came today and I got me not one, but two new additions to the collection.
I swear I need a new hobby.
Anyways one of the cameras that came in was DOA, but I knew it was DOA and I was counting on my awesomeness to resurrect said DOA camera.
Boy, was I in trouble!

That ole Konica Auto S2 I have has a sibling, one with a faster lens called the Auto S1.6 cause well, it has an f1.6 lens.
These things are sort on the rare side so when one came up on the eVilness I bid on it and won.
Even though it was broken.
Stuck advance lever the auction said but these cameras have a history of this problem and I was hoping it was going to be an easy fix.
Thankfully I had that donor camera with the stuck aperture ring:

So I could compare the functions of the various levers and stuff as I poked around the shutter.
Good news is I got the shutter to fire!
I am awesome!
Sort of.
Now, the aperture blades were sticking.
Not so awesome.
I fooled around with the blades for like an hour or so and I finally gave up and decided to attack the problem later.
As I assembled the lens back to the body it turned out that putting tension or something on the lens freed up the aperture blades!
Except now the shutter was stuck again!
It seems that if you tighten the lens too much to the body something hinky happens and the shutter sticks.
So I partially disassemble the whole thing and put it back together.
Everything works!
Except I lost the shutter button!
Not so awesome.
So I finally gave up but then I noticed the rangefinder was broken:

Well I've been down that road before and well I was so pooped from working on this thing, like four hours of really small parts, that I just put everything back together and it's sitting there waiting for me.
Like a burden.
Hanging over my head.
To tell you the truth I'm no sure at this point it was all worth it.
I mean maybe I should have just waited and bid on a working camera.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, besides this broken camera I also got me this:

Another one of them folding oldfangled cameras except this one shoots not 6x6 but 6x9:

You can see the difference in the negatives there.
I went out and did some test shots today but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to scan them.
In fact I better get going and develop that roll, it's getting a bit late.
There's another story that goes along with that test roll thing and it follows today's theme of unawesomeness.
More on that later.

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