Thursday, January 16, 2014

When Will It End?

Hopefully soon.
Though I don't think one ever gets cured of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).
I think I'm running out of GAS.
For one thing, I'm not a collector.
I'm a user.
I like stuff I can use and not just display on a shelf.
I don't have many shelves to display stuff on.
Maybe if I did I would but I don't so I can't.
Put stuff on shelves I mean.
So I've been thinking about the end of the road for the Camera Quest and I think it's coming up soon.
Yeah right.
Anyways, that oldfangled Contessa keeps surprising me:

I shot that stuff with a yellow filter and as you can see I got a rather large flare.
I gotta remember to take it off when I shoot directly into the sun or thereabouts.
These old cameras continue to fascinate me as the quality of the images are excellent.
Even the Konica I fixed up did okay:

The ungood qualities in them images are all user error, not the camera.
I suppose I did a pretty good job of fixing that thing up even if the meter doesn't work.
So now I want one with a working meter which brings us back to Camera Quest again.
The good news is that I've narrowed down my eVilness watch list to like twenty items.
It was over forty just last week but I'm beginning to come to my sense.
That's right, sense, cause it's obvious I got only one.
Okay maybe I got more than one because I'm finally getting to the point where I'm satisfied with the cameras I already got and I'm already thinking of unloading some of them at the next camera swap meet.
Of course getting rid of some means I got more room on my shelf and well, you know how that goes.
It ain't over till it's over.


Chandra said...

My person favorite is the one with the night lights. Mucho cool!
Paz :)

limom said...

Still working on getting them night lights down with film.