Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Final

Just in under the wire.
I had to stop the presses.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways I went out for a walk tonight except I forgot to take a camera.
A digital one I mean.
I needed it for I looked up in the sky and saw not a bird, or a plane, but some lightning out over the mountains.
I shot about thirty frames of film but I'm not sure exactly what I got; won't know until tomorrow.
Hopefully I got something good.
Anyways, I saw the lightning and figured I better get the hell back home before the heavens open up and I get stuck in the rain without my waterproof camera.
So I headed back home.
The other day I was in Chinatown and around about testing out that oldfangled camera I got and the new slow 50 ISO film:

Okay, that's not the Chinatown pictures.
That's the out and around pictures.
Here's some Chinatown stuff:

Chinatown is an interesting place to walk around.
There are a bunch of open markets and other stuff so I'll probably be going back again to snoop around and stalk.
That Zeiss Ikon Contessa is fully capable of keeping up with the new oldfangled stuff like my film Nikons.
In fact I wouldn't be able to tell you which came from which if I didn't already know.
There are some drawbacks though like only being able to shoot really slow film and having limited night capabilities.
I'm working on that though as it does have an f2.8 lens and I should be able to take some night shots.
Once I work out the math.
Anyways, tomorrow is back to work though it's a professional thingy day and there are no kids so hopefully I'll be able to scan some of the pics from tonight.
I hope I got some lightning bolts.
Or something.