Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Any Sunday pt II

Although there is a sequel to the movie by Bruce Brown, this isn't about it.
Nestled right next to the Kailua YMCA, is this:

There's also a sign with some gentle reminders:

I've been reading some books about Hawaiian folklore and legends so I thought a visit to the heiau might be appropriate. I believe this is one of two heiau in Kailua proper; the other is located in what was the landfill off of Quarry Road.
This heiau overlooks the marsh, which a long time ago was actually a fishpond:

The structure is quite striking(hey! I did an alliteration!):

Almost impossible to imagine, especially since it is not only made up of large rocks, but small ones too:

My futile attempt at photography cannot capture the true essence of what is there. I remember the windy, overcast afternoon when I first visited the heiau. Being the moron that I was, I decided to take a walk over the rocks in order see over the edge.
Bad move.
All I can say is that I got out of there PDQ(pretty damn quick)! Maybe it was just the weather but I swear something was telling me to get off those rocks.
Today, in the sunshine it was not as ominous or disquieting; I still did not venture out onto the structure.

At the base of the heiau is a ditch constructed by Menehunes; it reminded me of Menehune Ditch on Kauai.
Looking at my crappy photos makes me want to go back and shoot the place again, maybe in black and white. Maybe I'll get Hoku(the photography major) to come with me.
On my way home, I noticed some paintings in a store front:

They were in the suite next to The Hunter on Kailua Road. I'm not sure if it's part of the shop, or if they were just covering the windows, but they caught my eye:

Reminded me a bit of Matisse and van Gogh. Or somebody.
Don't make me look it up.
I apologize for the quality of the photos; I was catching a dreadful(I can't believe I'm using that word!) reflection from the street. I'll go back at a different time of day and reshoot. They look like they were done by nine year olds and were part of the Honolulu Academy of Art's lending library or archives. They are quite wonderful; so wonderful in fact that I'm going to check to see if they are for sale.

That was my Sunday.
Now, what time does Law & Order come on?

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