Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Flat Tire

Google doesn't like The Flat Tire.
Six hundred listings of flat tires and no Flat Tire.
There must five hundred pages on how to change a flat tire, but the literary genius of The Flat Tire is ignored.
By the way, after looking through sixty pages of search hits, Google thought I was some sort of search bot and shut down my search access.
Oh, there were a lot of interesting flat tires.
There was a Flat Tire bike shop, a Flat Tire bar, a Quicksilver Flat Tire hat(which I purchased), even a drink called a Flat Tire; but no Flat Tire.
In an emergency meeting this morning, The Flat Tire staff has decided to change all the default search engines in our computers over to Bing.
Okay, not really, but the staff is disappointed.
Disappointed but not worried for The Flat Tire comes at you with A Gagillion Watts of Power, taking our signal world wide and across the globe to bring to you, the reader, only the most relevant, entertaining, and educational content available anywhere.

We don't need no stinkin' Google!


dogimo said...

Don't change it to something more idiosyncratic just for search engines! The Flat Tire is cool. Screw Google.

Of course, if you come up with something even better then it's something to consider, but what's better than the Flat Tire?

limom said...

well, I thought I might change it to something like: My Blog, or My Life, or My Thoughts on Life, or My Thoughts, or Random Thoughts, or Blog 4U, or Why My Life Came to an End When She Left, or She Brightens Up My Day!, or Free Downloads, or Get More Hits Now, or Free Porn or something like that.
I need to post on my favorite blog titties, I mean titles.

dogimo said...

How about "Tales of Hot Action"?

Or..."Twin Cannons of Fiery Steel"


"Savage Myths of the Internet Age"?

Shit dude. You may have to pay me for that last one if you use it. That's pretty choice.

dogimo said...

Hm, actually that second one should be

"Twin Cannons of Steel, Fiery Steel"