Friday, November 27, 2009

4000 Miles to Glory

Will I make cycling history?
Do I have what it takes to surpass the magical four thousand mile mark?
Magical only in my deluded mind, for I'm sure there are cyclists out there that put on a gagillion miles a year.
I'd have to clock in about two hundred miles a week from now until the end of December. It's not impossible.
Just highly unlikely.
For one thing, it rains here all the time:

See those clouds over the mountains? Filled with moisture! Flash flood warning weather.
Although I am fiercely devoted to cycling, under these kinds of conditions, I bet even Lance Armstrong stays home.
My riding route is pretty dangerous. The roads are so congested that I risk my life every time I take my bike out for a ride:

Weaving in and out of traffic filled with blood thirsty drivers is not my idea of fun. I brave the roads for my sport.
I know, some of you are thinking "what a wuss!" Well, just for your information, the route I ride is uphill:

All the way.
No downhill free miles for me buddy.
That's right. A twenty six mile climbing loop all uphill.
My massive legs pumping like steam driven pistons; tireless, relentless and emotionless as I climb higher and higher: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
I am a professional, don't try this at home.
Now I'm not making any excuses for not completing four thousand miles this year.
Well, I was sick for one month and if I had put on any miles in that one month, four thousand miles would be a virtual lock.
I mean I could have put on at least seven hundred miles in that one month I missed don't you know.
So anyway, we shall see just how close I can come to the mystical four thousand mile mark. Hallowed and legendary like the four minute mile, it stands alone as the pinnacle of cycling accomplishments.
Well, a pinnacle for me anyways.
Thirty three hundred and counting.

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