Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Really Bad

I was going to put ugly up there in the title, but thought that it was just too cliche. On the other hand I like over used phrases, but only if they mean something which is probably why Casablanca is my favorite movie.
Now all those phrases weren't cliche when the movie was written, at least I don't think so, but it's interesting to take note on how some of the lines in that movie have endured.
But no, this is not about how much I enjoy seeing Ingrid Bergman make those faces to ole Humphrey, and it's not about Rick doing the honorable thing and letting Ilsa go to that likable antagonist Victor.
No, I was sitting here thinking about how I had a pretty good day today despite having three litres of fluid sucked out of my body.
Then I began to think about why. Not the fluid part, the good day part.
Nothing especially spectacular happened. Yet, I'm feeling pretty good.
Then I began to think that it was because nothing happened that I'm feeling wonderfully giddy and elated.
Put in perspective, I would rather have a day like today than an unusually bad day.
Yeah, those I can do without. I can deal without fuming over morning traffic, fretting about my health and weight, mulling over the disappointment I experience in the classroom, the the indecision I face over what to have for lunch, etc, etc.
Okay, the lunch part is not really a problem.
Yet those bad days I will take in lieu of really bad days. Those are the days that just start off wrong. You get up late, there's no hot water, traffic is snarled, the coffee is cold, someone you work with decides that today he is the center of the universe, lunched sucked, gas prices went up, the store ran out Goodnews bars and you find out that your paycheck bounced.
Of course there's the great, sometimes stupendously spectacular days.
I have only one word for those days: rare.
It's pretty cool though, how those kind of days are tossed in every once in a while.
Good days like today are meant to be savored slowly.
Sort of like a Law & Order marathon on USA Network.
You sit back, take it all in and relish and find comfort in the fact that these kind of days actually occur with surprising regularity.
If you take the time out to notice.
I'll take one uneventful day please, and make mine a double.

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