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Bettie Serveert is The Greatest Band of All Time(GBOAT).
There I said it so it must be true.
Bettie Serveert is one of those groups who you discover at the music store and buy their CD cause it has a cool pic on it:

Palomine I believe was their debut album; it was the first time I had ever heard their music.
I was hooked.
Back in the old days a friend of mine had started an internet radio station so he got sent a bunch of promo stuff, among the CDs he got was Palomine. The band was sort of obscure back then and I had a hard time tracking down the CD.
If I remember correctly, I found it at this site called Musicstack. I've used Musicstack to find all kinds of music not available in the U.S., most of it coming from the U.K.
Anyways, Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, is a band from the Netherlands but interestingly all of their lyrics are in English. It's difficult for me to describe their sound for now I tend to compare other bands to them.
Lots of edgy guitars and heavenly vocals provided by frontperson Carol van Dijk who also does most of their lyrics. The Palomine line up includes Herman Bunskoeke on bass, Peter Visser is on the lead guitar and Berend Dubbe handles the drums. This line up remains unchanged for three albums; different drummers are used for subsequent releases. You can find out more about them here.
If you don't want to make the leap and purchase music by Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, check them out on YouTube, johndarmy(which is a song title) posts their videos, link is here.
Dust Bunnies is my favorite album:

Disclaimer here: I don't have all of their albums. I'm missing their latest(actually their latest was just released according to their website) and Log22, a CD/album that previously was unavailable in the U.S(edit: also missing from the Greatest Music Collection of All Time is an album they did covering Velvet Underground songs).
Dust Bunnies though, contains thirteen songs all in the three to four minute range that are all gems. Well, to my trained ears anyways.
I am an audiofilet don't you know.
All this talk about Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, made me fire up the KFLT transformer and start spinning some vinyl:

As usual, I have Bettie on vinyl and CD:

Let me tell you that the sonics on wax is way better than that digitally compressed stuff. Listening to Palomine back to back is like night and day.
Okay, not really but you can hear a difference. Makes me wonder why I don't use the turntable as much as the CD player; convenience I guess and the massive amount of elecricity it takes to fire up 3.5 GAGILLION WATTS of power. Two thumbs up for the full sized pressing.
le Connaisseur de la Musique says you should go out and give Bettie Serveert, the Greatest Band of All Time, a listen.
And listen you must for I am an audiofilet, don't you know.

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