Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot Lanikai Action!

Okay, it wasn't really hot, not with the tropical breeze blowing at about a gagillion miles per hour.
Watching the tree in front of my picture window blow around all morning convinced me to take out the Beach Bike and just cruise around.
Well, it wasn't exactly a nice little cruise as I now know how a sailboat feels as it comes off of a tack and sails with the wind.
My legs were burning and I was only going like twelve miles per hour. That is until I made the turn and then it felt like I was getting a free ride down the street.
I swear it feels like the Beach Bike has a barn door or something attached to the front of it.
Then again, maybe I'm just wide.
Anyways, Lanikai was happening. If you were a kite or wind surfer.
Thanks to modern technology, here is a bit of what I saw:

First time I've shot video on the Canon S5IS; I also have a regular video camera. Came out okay I guess, seeing as how the wind was blowing me back and forth and I didn't have my tripod.
Hopefully I can bring you, the reader, more educational and entertaining video.
I was checking out the public right of ways that run along the beach side of Lanikai. I've been to all of them at one time or another and I have to say, none of them seem the same. The sand is almost gone in some places.
The public right of ways are paths that sit between houses on the beach. Since the beach up to the high water mark is considered public land, I believe there is law somewhere that says the public must have access to the beach even if it is in your backyard. So, these right of ways are put in at intervals along beach front property.
This is what the right of ways look like from the road:

The right of way closest to the entrance to Lanikai has steps:

I went out there to try and catch some closer shots of the kite surfers as they came around the point.
Well, I sort of forgot all about the surfers, for in the water, not ten feet from the bottom of the steps, I saw this:

What the hell is that?
Could it be?

Just having some lunch I guess:

This green sea turtle was just hanging around the edge of the drop off looking for an easy meal. You don't usually see them this close to shore(I could have jumped in the water and grabbed it, but that's a federal offense); though there is a beach on the North Shore where they climb up on the sand and sun themselves.
Just the other day I was telling Evil Hoku about how I was running out of things to take pictures of around Kailua.
Seems you have to be at the right place at the right time to catch some hot Lanikai action.