Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Additions and Subtractions, Elimination Cook-Offs

Hello and welcome to The Flat Tire.
Since our inception back in 1949, we have undergone many changes, most reflecting the needs and wants of our readership.
So today, I ask that you, the reader, bear with us as new and exciting changes are made to the front page.
We hope you enjoy them.
Okay, not really. About the new and exciting changes I mean. Just trying to keep the place fresh.
I have been playing around with different sidebar options:
There is now contact info. Why, I don't know, but it looked nice, kinda sorta.
The subscribe thingy is no longer there. You know where to find us.
I've added a "Remember?" box. Someplace for lost landmarks, people etc. I don't know why, but I was thinking about those boats that used to be by McCully bridge on the Ala Wai, so that's our first Remember? item.
The fisherman is retired for now. Actually, I touched him up and he is being fired in the kiln. Wait for the new and improved fisherman. Oh boy, setting myself up to fail am I.
I wanted to take the pictures and put them into one of those slideshow things just to save some space, but I need to do some backroom work on my Picasa album first.
So in fact, nothing has really changed.
I did figure out how to upload video, so now The Flat Tire is multi-media.
This first video is a slide show I did oh, two years ago. Most of the imagery you will see no longer exists:

All of the images from the Keolu Drain have since been painted over. Actually, I have a set of pictures of some grafitti that was done over the images in the video. I was sorry to see all that work destroyed.
A couple of the grafitti artists in the video were featured in an article in Honolulu Magazine here.
As you can see, The Flat Tire staff continues to strive to bring you, the reader, the penultimate in education and entertainment.
Gotta go.
What time does Top Chef start?

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