Monday, November 30, 2009


Here's a nice idea I'm passing along from fellow blogger Mr. Dogimo of Consider Your Ass Kicked! fame.
The idea is to contribute to this drawing and pass it along via your own blog.
The original drawing and instructions can be found here.
So, here is my addition/alteration:

Contributors so far:
1)Allie from
2)dogimo from
3)YOU??? oops! I mean me!us! The Flat Tire Staff from

here are the rules verbatim:
1)Take the drawing below.
2)Draw something on it. Anything you wish, using any tool you wish. You may print out, draw, and scan back in; or you may use MS Paint or some other doodling app. HINT: TRY TO LEAVE SOME ROOM FOR FUTURE ARTISTS
3)Post it onto your blog with these same 4 rules, plus a list of all the artists who have gone before (adding your name at the bottom of the list).
4)Anyone who chooses to pick up where you left off can do so, adding their own element to the drawing!

I've done prompts like this with writing, but never with anything visual; sort of wondering how this is going to turn out.
Again, see the link for instructions and have fun.

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