Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shillin' Like a Villain

The bike stayed home today and so did I.
I thought I'd give the ole legs a rest after yesterdays ride out over the prairie.
The legs were pretty cooked after that ride, so rest seemed prudent.
Good news is, it was a good workout.
Bad news is, I'm as slow as ever.
No, make that slower. If that's even possible. I'm too embarrassed to even give out any numbers. I'm talking slow, slow walking Joe slow.
So anyways, today as I was wallowing in self pity, I went off to check out the Specialized website to see whats up.
Bad move.
The Rockhopper SL 29er:

Specialized website

Of the three primary colors, red is the uncontested favorite.
Now of course, I already have a bike. Make that two bikes, so at this time aquiring another is not within the logistics of available space or budget.
Alas, red is an evil color so of course I must have it.
The red rims can take a hike as can some of the other red accents. What I like so much about that frame is are the luscious curves and lack of typical Specialized banner type branding.
On my current bike, the Spesh logo or name appears no less than seven times on the frame alone. I mean if you don't know what brand a bike is by the logo on the downtube, you my friend needs some cheaters.
For '10, they've also made some other subtle changes to the frame. The rear design of the seat stays is of a wishbone design and the rear sliding dropouts have been replaced by the conventional type.
Really though, it's those curved tubes man!
According to Evil Hoku, the SL designation is supposed to mean super light.
How much lighter? I ask him.
Super light, he replies.
Evil Hoku is, well, evil.
He also mentioned a different hydro-forming process or something. The down tube is also squared off which pushes it closer to Stumpy land. To my eye, the bend in the seat tube to clear the rear tire is not as dramatic.
I haven't checked the geometry yet; again to my eye, the headtube angle looked a tad steeper.
Factory equipped, it looks like a combination of Deore in the front and Shadow in the rear. First thing to go would be the cheap OEM type Octalink crankset. I've been through two bikes and both times the cranks began to a click and a creak after about five hundred miles.
Decisions, decisions. Actually the decision is easy.
I can't afford it.
Not unless I part out my current ride and evil eBay the frame. There's just no market here for 29ers and I would need to sell my bike first(big hint, wink, wink).
Well, I have something to think about for the next few months.
Red is so evil.

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