Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diary of a Mad Person

6:33 AM - Get up, still dark, go back to sleep. Dream of Molteni orange.
8:27 AM- Really get up, check emails, check blog, check other email, then brush my teeth. Okay, I did something else, but you, the reader, don't need to know about that.
8:41 AM - Give The Pooper two cookies, check the TV to see if Law & Order is on, it's not, check the news. Start thinking about what color to order my frame in.
8:43 AM - Check CL, which from now on will be know as the eVilist. See ad. Respond.
Look for car keys.
8:45 AM - En route.
8:50 AM - Despite better judgement, stop off at bank ATM. Feeling conflicted.
8:52 AM - Creating justifiable reasons out of thin air commences. Goes well. I am now on a mission.
8:59 AM - There's still time to turn around. I am compelled to drive on.
9:04 AM - Find house, see object of desire(OOD) in yard. I am no longer thinking rationally.
9:14 AM - Inspection of OOD begins. Great shape! This is not good.
9:20 AM - Test ride lasts twenty seconds. I half heartedly point out that I'll need to change certain items in order to get OOD in working condition. The comments go unnoticed.
9:22 AM - Haggling commences.
9:22:21 AM - Haggling ends.
9:24 AM - Although it's too late, still trying to justify my actions.
9:27 AM - Proceeding back to Flat Tire Central.
9:43 AM - Arrive at Flat Tire Central convinced I did the right thing.
Sort of:

9:55 AM - Becomes obvious to self that self needs counseling.
Or something.


John Romeo Alpha said...

furiously clicking LIKE button repeatedly...

Trevor said...

I cannot begin to tell you the confusion I feel.......

Why....? Is the question..

Two nice Italian steeds for some nice quality rides...
A classic Italian steel frame about to arrive in 2012 to be built up with even more Italian goodness...
Plus..A bike with no name.

What is this all about?
I would love to hear a sensible answer but I fear that this is all beyond counselling.....

limom said...

Gaoeoui;nvdlaweu daowen dlei alkeaone!
Vaod'eaoicn, oidn a nvdoe aoenaea s eoe teonad!
Raonapn, eoae he eoa'e anknmpe MADNESS pon odladn!

Tracy W said...

So...What are you going to do with it?

Maybe you should start a "bike flipping" business. Or maybe a "flippin' bike" business. Or something....

limom said...

You know it's funny.
It was after I gave away the Lanikai Express that I started to think about some trails, or at least some gravel roads.
If time permits during my break, there's a couple of places I like to hit up where the road bikes just wouldn't do.