Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To the Market

So today we had a sort of half day off, just finishing up the present batch of them kadomatsu thingys.
If you've only been recently following along at home, you can go back to here to see what the hell I'm talking about.
Every year we make these things and peddle them around to make some extra cash.
Okay, we don't actually go and peddle them around, we take them to some other folks who peddle them around:

This is a place were veggies come and go.
Here in Hawaii, everything not locally grown is shipped in via boat or air distributed by folks like this.
Containers are constantly coming and going here, here being the most humungasoid refrigerated building I've ever seen.
Today, we dropped off two hundred of them bamboo thingys, right up to the loading dock:

From there, they somehow make it to other folks' doorsteps, so that they can have the right equipment for bringing in the new year.
The kadomatsu are place in front of the door for good luck, then discarded after a week or so.
We don't just make small ones:

These are going to some larger clients, corporate sized we call em.
We also do some for a restaurant in Waikiki.
This is how the bicycle bling treasury is made.
At least around these parts.
I'll be doing this for a couple of more days before and after Christmas.
Then I got some other plans:

More on this later.


Steve A said...

I miss my welding outfit. Do tell!

limom said...

Well, once I get something to actually weld, I'll be all over it.