Monday, December 12, 2011

For When the Cows Come Home

So my experiment with carrying all my riding crap around in my jersey continues.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader, knows that I gave up my trusty waist pack as I'm sure it was costing me precious speed in weight and aeroness and I've taken to carrying all my stuff in my jersey pocket.
My solution was to just stick everything in a zip lock bag and well, stick it back there.
Unfortunately, them zip lock bags are slippery creatures and I didn't really feel safe with all my safety stuff in there.
So I began my quest for a Bag o'Stuffs(QFBOS)!.
I admit I was inspired by a phone bag I recently saw on some bicycle site made by Capo Forma. It was a pouch designed to carry around all the stuff I was carrying, luckily fate prevented me from ordering it:

Besides, it looked like a slippery little devil and it was in black, something I figured would be difficult to find if it got lost on the side of the road.
So I says to myself, where can I find a cloth bag, something that won't slide around in my jersey, with some pattern that would be easily seen say, on the grass or on the pavement?
Well, since I sometimes sell my ware over on Etsy, I figured what better than to have a handmade bag whilst at the same time, stimulating the economy?
If you are a regular reader you know that I stimulate the economy quite often.
As often as I can actually.
So anyways, I found this:

That's right moo-moo fans!
A cow pattern phone bag!
Perfect size for the jersey pocket and guaranteed to be seen if misplaced.
Unless you happen to misplace it near some cows that is.
I don't know why, but I've had an acute affection for the black and white cowness of this type of pattern, I even thought about getting that Assos cow jersey:

Let me tell if I had a black or white bicycle, I would have been all over that!
I mean it's not like I'm embarrassed by my eccentricity, I already have a cow pattern denim jacket:

Perfect, you know just in case I get lost in the snow.
The last time I was up in Vegas, I went to all the cowboy stores looking for a real leather black and white cow pattern vest.
Apparently, real cowboys wouldn't be caught dead or drunk in something like that for my search was in vain.
Well at least I have my cow phone pouch and my cow jacket.
I'll be all ready to go when the cows fly home:


Steve A said...

So, why not just get a SPI belt?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Is there room for giveaway lights in the cow bag? Plus the Altoids Tin Bicycle Repair Kit (ATBRK)?

limom said...

Steve A, is that like a Batman belt?

JRA, ATBRK yes, lights, maybe not yes.

Trevor said...

That Assos cow jersey would go just fine with my Felt Z1....Oh dear..something else to buy.

limom said...

Moooooooore bike stuff!

Steve A said...

SPI Belt

limom said...

It IS like a Batman belt!
After two years, how is it holding up?