Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Final

Well, some interesting news.
Interesting to me anyways.
Seems there are some new things on the horizon for my favorite Italian Alloy Goodness(IAG) provider.
Not like next year, but maybe next, next, year.
Next to end of the post, there's a reference to a new chain ring set Campagnolo may or may not be coming out with, particularly a 52/36 combo.
Just my flavor of koolaid!
Well seeing as how this all came out of a foreign country, it is unknown whether or not this will see US distribution, but I am thinking that I'll wait and see.
So I think I'll be holding off on getting a new group until I know for sure if that combo is available.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader know that I've been thinking of something between a compact and a standard would be better for me, allow me to use the whole cassette.
In fact I've been toying with the idea of looking for a 36 inner ring, but there's all kinds of hullaballoo about finding one that will fit on Centaur cranks.
So if not next year, maybe in 2013 my prayers will be answered!
Oh thank you Madonna del Ghisallo!
My prayers to the Holy Oracle of the Mother of All Things Alloy bear fruit!
Besides, who knows?
Maybe next year I may be slobbering all over electronic Campagnolo.
I don't have any kidneys to sell.
In other news, because I'm holding off on a new group, I've been eyeballing this recently:

It's more than I wanted to spend, but now some funds have been reallocated.
The folks over at Tommasini have some really nice bicycles in all sorts of flavors that are really nice to look at.
That Techno with the painted lugs sort of makes me forget about chrome.
Sort of.
Scott, the fellow who owns the red Pelizzoli I posted up earlier made a good point though when he said that the new Pelizzoli frame is a still a good deal considering the price.
Actually, it's not a good deal, it's a smokin hot deal!
I can't argue with that, even if it has the fat tubes.
I'm also beginning to appreciate the fact that it is custom, and according to the Pelizzoli folks, Signore Pelizzoli himself will work with me as far as geometry and size.
I've also been revisiting that upper tier, the Unobtainable Zone(UZ) where the air is thin and wallet even thinner.
The Land of the Holy Order of Lugness and Filletness(LOTHOLF) where the gods perform their magic on special tubes and forged dropouts.
A land where mere mortals like me cannot dare to dream of.
A special place where geometries are mentioned in hushed tones and far journeys are made to collect the sacred flux.
The top of the mountain where acetylene flows and argon gives life!
More on that later.


Trevor said...

Not many people could mention 'Electronic Campy' in the same post as those beautiful steel frames.....


Steve A said...

Keep in mind that Trevor comes from the "Land of Sturmey Archer." OTOH, "Campagnolo" simply rolls off the tongue. The worst thing I think about "Electronic" and "Campy" is I remember that our Alfa Romeo was not noted for its electrical reliability.

On second thought, I take back that SA nastiness.

limom said...

Trevor, you don't know the power of the Dark Side.

Steve A, my Alfa had Bosch electronic fuel injection.
Not that crazy Spica mechanical stuff.
I'm not exactly sure what that means.

Steve A said...

My Alfa had Spica, but the reverse lights would flash in concert with the turn signals and stop lights due to poor grounding. And the warning lights were similarly spaghetti-challenged. Even our later Alfa had problems with things like the electrical windows.