Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

A day at the fair!
Sort of.
So yesterday, was the the Big Day.
My Friend Kyle(MFK) and I got over to the craft fair place early and set up our stuff.
MFK didn't have too much stuff to put out for he had already done another sale but luckily them bowls take up some space so at least our shelves looked sort of full:

Each vendor has a ten by ten space so most of us use them pop up canopy thingys.
MFK supplied every thing as he does this sort of thing a few times a year, something I got to work on if I want to continue to do this.
Get some shelves and that tent thing I mean.
Some of MFK's work:

We call em bombs cause they are really big!
All of them are raku, meaning they've been fired in a different method I went over someplace around here.
Wait, lemme find a link.
Okay, it's here.
Anyways, I found that a lot of folks were interested in raku, something I should take note of.
Well, the fair opened up at ten, and right away I actually sold something!
A sign of things to come?
Not really.
I did do better than last year, which is really not saying much.
Then again, if I look at it as sort of hourly wage, I did okay.
I came home with one less box o'stuff which is better than coming home with all my stuff.
Which puts me a little closer to Italian Steel Goodness.
If you know what I mean.
Looking at my stuff on the shelves allowed me to sort of rethink my strategy on what kind of things to make and on how I can maybe make this craft fair thing a better experience.
For both me and the customer.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Upper right-hand shelf: NOZZLES!

limom said...

Yes, I took my teapot thingy out for a bit o'fresh air.