Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mystery Leaf

Not to be confused with the Mystery Tree, otherwise known as the Weird Tree Event.
Okay, the Mystery Tree wasn't so much a mystery as it was a rather large oversight by me, but it sort of was a mystery.
For a while anyways.
Well this is the Mystery Leaf, which turns out is not really a mystery too, but it does look mysterious:

No, it's not blowing around on the ground.
Look! there's no shadow.
Very strange this floating green thingy!
No like believe me?

If you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that the human eyeball is attracted to unusual things.
Attracted to the spectacle we are, probably some primal instinct to assist us in evading large animals with sharp teeth.
Well I was just standing there(JST) when I noticed this leaf floating above the ground doing a little dance.
Okay it was early in the morning and I sort of wiped my eyeballs to make sure it wasn't a disfigurement of my imagination.
No, there it was, just a floating around.
Time for a Flat Tire Investigation!

What is this?
Some sort of anti-gravity leaf?
Are there more of them?
You know, so that I can attach them to my bicycle!
To go faster don't you know.
Wishful thinking on my part.
Turns out, this leaf was hanging down from this tree:

On a single strand of spider web thingy!
Where the spider went, I dunno, but looks like he/it needed to get down from that tree via express elevator.
Ah, the goofiness of nature.
Too bad about the leaf though.
Not being anti-gravity I mean.


Steve A said...

How did the spider make the shadow go away?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Steve, Hawaiian Vampire Spiders cast no shadows.

Steve A said...

I thought they had no spiders in Hawaii - wait, I meant no snakes. We know the white-skinned devils brought along pigs with them.

limom said...

You know I was thinking about the size of that spider.
I mean it was a good 15+ feet to the branches above and that's a lot of spider web stuff from there to the ground.
I think I also read somewhere that strength vs weight spider web stuff is stronger than steel.
Maybe I could find some spiders to make me a frame!
How freakin cool would that be?