Saturday, December 3, 2011

Off to Market!

This is the part I dislike.
Okay, I always say that but it usually ends up being a good thing.
I've got all my pots and stuff packed up and ready to go.
Sometimes I get a bit nervous about showing my things and putting them up for sale.
Especially this stuff for it's not what I really do, but I did do it so it's sort of what I do now.
Folks tend to see what they see and aren't really interested in your whole body of work.
I mean your first impression is often your only impression so it better be good.
I also worry about having to talk to folks about it, my work I mean.
Not that I don't like talking to folks, I mean I worked in sales for like eight years so it's not like I don't have the skilz.
It's just that I'd rather be the anonymous artist.
Buy the pot, not the person.
Yet folks do buy the person, so a little PR helps.
I'm just not a PR kind of dude.
I can be, but I don't want to be.
If you know what I mean.
Then there's that fine line between craft and art that us ceramic folk seem to teeter totter on.
Do I want to be known as someone who sells bowls at a craft fair, or do I need to seek status as a "legitimate" artist.
I'll be honest and say that the "legitimate artist" thing is nice for the ego.
On the other hand, there's something nice about seeing the folks that are actually going to use your stuff.
I mean the other stuff I make usually just sits around looking pretty while a bowl may be used or handled a couple of times a month.
Hell I got pots sitting around here I haven't picked up in years!
You can tell from all the dust.
Even last year I did mostly shelfware, so this year is kinda different whereas I got actual tableware.
I'm a little nervous how and if it will be accepted.
Especially since it's not my usual fare.
Anyways, all packed up!

That's five boxes of hopeful ceramic goodness.
Five boxes of potential Italian Steel Goodness.
I hope I ain't bringing it all back.

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