Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That Thing Which I Will No Longer Name Update(TTWIWNLNU)!

So I finally got a picture of the new frame the folks over at Pelizzoli are working on.
Well, not really working on since I got an image of an almost complete frame.
Unfortunately, I don't have permission to show anyone the frame and they haven't yet posted it up on their website so I feel kinda funny about showing the image.
Fortunately, it looks the same as their old frame, only without all the goodness of blingness like chrome lugs and such.
Italian Steel Goodness, in a plain jane kinda way.
The standard paint is going to be red with a white head tube and seat tube.
I'm telling you, I was looking at the frame, they call it the Curdomo(which doesn't seem to translate into anything), anyways I was looking at that frame all last night.
I'm still looking at it, thinking maybe I should just go with it.
I mean the price is right, and I don't have to think about the paint.
More on that later.
Well I got to thinking, that if I'm going through all this trouble to order a frame all the way from Italy, I better get what I want.
So I guess I'm going with the custom Spirit with chrome lugs.
Only now, because of the different in price, I'm going to hold off until January to order.
I find that I can't live without them chrome lugs!
The fork is also that double crown looking Masi type:

Though I gotta be honest, I've been thinking of a carbon fork, like from Columbus.
Yes I know, blasphemy.
The thing is, both my bicycles have carbon forks and I'm not sure how a steel fork will ride.
Actually, I doubt if I'll be able to feel the difference, but it's hard for me to accept something different.
Then there's that paint.
I've already asked and there's no upcharge if I want to go with two tone paint.
I was thinking some panels on the seat tube and down tube, or the same paint scheme as the new frame only in different colors.
Except now it's like what color?
I believe I can choose from this palette here.
If you look at the color chart, well there's like a GAGILLION colors there and I can't seem to make up my mind!
I mean it's not like it's "here's five colors, pick one."
That would be sort of easy.
Instead, I've been looking at that darn chart and trying to visualize what the frame would look like with the chrome lugs and I gotta say, my head is about to explode:

Lemme tell you, picking a color sounds easy, but it's not.
First of all, I gotta ride this thing and although I'm usually just a super sonic blur I do stop sometimes.
I'll have that bicycle parked in front of me in the living room where I can steal glances at it while I'm watching Law & Order so I better be happy with the paint.
Part of the problem is that I want this frame to be unique.
Okay, not Pegoretti unique, but classicalistic styling unique.
The thing is, since I've spent the best part of the year looking at all sorts of frames, all the paint jobs and color schemes I come with have already been done.
For instance I was thinking simple, like red with white panels on the seat tube and down tube, but that's what Colnago uses and it's pretty close to a De Rosa also.
Now I'm sort of leaning towards a solid color, and I'm about to break out the darts.
If you know what I mean.
Well I guess I got about a month to sort this out.
Choosing a custom frame is sort nerve wracking, not really what I expected.
I mean I thought it was going to be fun, but now it's sort of keeping me awake at night.
Sort of.

Late Breaking News!
Pelizzoli World has since posted up images of the Curdomo on their flickr page here.


Trevor said...

I am pleased that you are going with the chrome lugs....I think that you would regret it if you didn't have those.
As for the forks....I would be more inclined to go with the steel - a smoother ride than the carbon and more in keeping with the classic style.
Wow...that is a great colour chart but for me the choice would be easy - 'purpleviolet' with traditional white panels on the down and seat tubes.
I can see that you will be going through all kinds of agony over the Christmas period trying to make your mind up.

limom said...

My mind seems to change by mood and by the hour.
Right now I'm contemplating an off white/cream with dark red panels.
Meanwhile, the plot thickens.
More on this later.

Steve A said...

As long as it has a lot of red. It's Italian and, besides, all the best bikes are red. Well, unless they are Bianchi.

Big Oak said...

I didn't realize there are so many different kinds of red. Good luck with that!

Have you thought about orange? Like the color of orange creme soda?

limom said...

Last night I was imagining an orange and light blue.
This morning I'm on a dark blue.
Or maybe dark grey.

Scott said...

I'm with Steve....red and Italian just go together so well. And a plastic fork on that frame would not only be blasphemous but heretical as well.

limom said...

Well, at least I was looking at a Columbus fork.
I'm sort of thinking of an orange/red, sort of like how my Alfa was.
Or maybe just orange, Molteni like.
Then there's always black and nasty.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I heard cops give more speed tickets to red bikes. I think.

limom said...

Cops? I just shift into The Big Ring and leave them in my dust!
Sort of.