Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting a Bit Nippy

Ah yes, winter is upon us.
Even us folks over here in the middle of the ocean.
I mean you just can't hide, when the ole Earth starts to tilt away from sun and the days get shorter.
Boy it's been a while since I've been out on the bicycle!
I figured I'd just take it easy and see what's in the legs so I just took a slow cruise around my Kailua.
Folks are all into the winter sports now:

Check out all that snow!
I felt sort of sorry for them.
It must have been cold.
The winds have a whipping around too, blowing me all over the road.
These folks fell victim to the nasty blustering winds:

Poor fella got his kite stuck up in that tree!
What bad luck!
He must have gotten snow blind or something.
I hope them other folks don't get like hypothermia from standing around like that all exposed!
I mean it's time to bundle up with the temperatures dipping into low 70's.
I had to put on a shirt last night!
Now I know how you folks on the Continent feel.
So tonight, I'm gonna turn off the fan and snuggle up in my blanket and dream of summer days riding around on some Italian Steel Goodness:

Nothing like a good book to pass away them cold winter nights.
Maybe I'll even have a bowl of ice cream.
You know, to keep the energy up.
I'm gonna need it cause it looks to be a long cold winter.
If you know what I mean.


Chandra said...

Cold eh? :)

Paz :)

johnnytrashbike said...

remember to layer-up when you're heading out there.
have you ever looked into the thermal qualities of wool?

Trevor said...

The only comment I've got is...
No Comment!!


Big Oak said...

Do you get frost bite when you get stuff out of the fridge? Just wondering...

limom said...

Chandra, you don't know the half of it.

jtb, wool is sounding pretty good right now.

Trevor, oh just comment.
You know you want to.

Big Oak, I wear gloves and a tuque during refrigerator explorations.