Monday, December 19, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about That Thing Which I Will No Longer Name(TTWIWNLN).
So much so that it's been keeping me awake at night.
I mean who would've thought that choosing a color would be so difficult!
Well I decided I needed some help.
Some magical help.
So I present to you, the reader, The Flat Tire Magical Frame Graphic Designer Thingy!(TFTMFGDT!).
Basically what I did was I made an outline of a frame in Windows Paint then I moved it over to PS to clean it up.
Then I just started to add colors.
So far I like this one the best:

Black with red panels seems to work for me.
The thing I had to keep in mind was the chrome lugs and how the colors would contrast or blend with the chrome.
Still, that's sort of boring.
I thought about maybe a magenta:

Okay, maybe not.
I figured that I wanted it to be visible, but maybe that's too bright.
So I thought this might be better:

Some high visibility danger zone scheme.
Looks pretty safe to me.
I didn't want safe, you know, I was wanting something unique:

Now that looked cool!
Still, perhaps the whole cowness thing is bit over done.
Maybe some happy polka dots:

Or maybe not.
Since I was doing dots, and since I sort of like giraffes too, this might work:

Then I thought that's plain crazy!
I mean giraffes and bicycles have nothing in common!
Well unless you count tall bikes.
I guess I was having a bit too much fun.
So here's a chance for you to have some fun too!

All you gotta do is save the blank frame, then open it up in Windows Paint or PS and go to town!
By the way if you use Paint, don't forget to save it as a jpg and not a bitmap as them bmp files can get sort of large.
Actually, white may not be such a bad choice too.
Anyways, hopefully some magic will happen and I'll stumble upon some paint scheme that I like.
Before I go crazy that is.
Unless it already happened.
The crazy part I mean.


Steve A said...

Red. Italian red. Not even Pininfarina red. Pure, sweet Italian racing RED.

limom said...

Red is my desperation color.
In case I can't decide on anything else.

Garage Equipment said...

I understand what you are going through. Choosing the right color is quite difficult since you want the best for your stuff.