Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Stuff

One of the things about ordering a custom frame is that you pretty much get to choose most of the stuff on it, like braze ons and such.
Well one thing I haven't given much thought to was the steerer tube and whether or not I want to go threadless or threaded.
I like the classic quill stem look, but I also like how a threadless stem can be stacked and adjusted.
Of course there's the best of both worlds:

Okay, I don't know exactly what's going on there and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.
I mean seriously?
It's a freaking chrome Cinelli!
No really, seriously?
Why not just run one of these honking stems?

Speaking of custom bicycles, here's something I haven't seen yet in Hawaii, but photographic evidence has been gathered to prove that they have invaded:

That's right colored foil fans!
Scraper bikes!
On Craig's List!
Now I don't know about you, the reader, but I wouldn't want to purchase someone else's scraper bike, seeing as how they are customized and all.
I mean I bet there's something zen in saving up all my Hershey Bar and chewing gum foil and lovingly applying them to my spokes.
See them sparkle when I pedal on by!
Really cool.
If you did it yourself.
I forget what I was searching for, I think I was back tracking a keyword search on this blog when I came across this:

Oh no!
Poor doggie!
Then I looked at the expression on that pooper's face and I couldn't help laughing.
Out loud even.
Now I own a dog, The Dog, and I wouldn't want to see my dog looking like that.
Seeing that dog though, I have to wonder what the hell it saw that made it's eyeballs all gaga and to pull off that ankle breaking move.
Sort of reminds me of what small children look like when I ride on by.
Finally, another image I came by while doing my web browsing.
Again I forget what I was looking for, actually I couldn't even fathom a guess:

Part of Portrait of an Unknown Woman (1883), by Ivan Kramskoy, a Russian artist.
In the full picture she looks like she's seated in a carriage, but I cropped it down to focus on the expression on her face.
I don't know what she's thinking but she looks like I sort of did the one time I left my Tony Roma baby back ribs on the couch and The Dog decided it was for him.
Had to clean the BBQ sauce off his face.
She also looks like she's saying "if you write one more post about buying a new frame I'm going to slap you silly."
Okay, I get the message.
Sort of.


Scott said...

Quill all the way. A threadless stem just doesn't look right on a skinny tube frame (with the possible exception of a Cinelli Grammo).

limom said...

The thing about a quill is that they are a pain to change out and bar selection is limited.
I agree though, a quill looks better and I do have another set of Cinelli Giros here collecting dust.

Scott said...

There's still a decent selection of bars made in 26mm out there, though they can be hard to find. As for being a pain to change, I can't disagree, but how often do you change bars?

limom said...

Haven't been following along at home have you?
On the Celeste Devil alone I think I went through five sets.
Just for fun.