Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boneshaker, WW

Today was wonderful!
No pseudo flats, plenty of leg, plenty of sun:

Ain't if funny?
I mean I ride past that coconut tree all the time, but today was the first time I've seen it like that. It was worth a five minute pause in my ride just to stand there and appreciate it.
Moving on.
If you've been following along at home, you saw me go on a picnic up near the mountains. That place had a pavilion and benches and stuff, not really outdoors if you ask me.
Here's an excellent example of folks out on a real picnic, just a few friends and family:

Also they had like two covered canopies, a whole bunch of tables and chairs, a generator and a one of those jump house thingys.
I would like to say that's the exception, but really, I see one of those jumpy thingys like every weekend. I guess the kids get bored, I mean they're at the beach and all.
Maybe they should take up water walking:

It looks like fun!
If you get tired, you can just water sit and watch the others walk around.
Boy, water walking sure is getting popular. I may have to try it myself sometime this Summer.
So anyways, when I got home, in my mailbox I found this:

I don't remember where I found about Boneshaker so I can't give a real shout out, but chances are good it was probably on one of the links below.
What links?
You mean you didn't know there were links at the bottom of the page under the links?
What are you waiting for man, check out those links!
So anyways, Boneshaker calls itself a cycling almanac and it sort of fits the bill. It's full of stories and articles and just plain fun reading. I would say the tone is sort of like a real almanac except it has been a while since I've read a real almanac.
I guess I think it reads like a real almanac.
For five bucks plus shipping, you get like 96 pages of cycling wisdom and wit. I think some of the stuff is from readers for submissions are welcome.
I like it so much, I'm ordering the back issues when they become available this Summer.
More about Boneshaker here.
This is going to be the Summer of reading and riding!
That is unless I get a job.
Anyways, I'm sitting here waiting for the Moon to rise cause my neutral density filter came in today too. It's kinda cloudy out though, so I'm not sure I can get any images.
I hope I don't fall asleep.
Reading Boneshaker.

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