Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Jumpy Thingys and Turtles?

I wasn't fooling around in yesterday's post.
Them jumpy thingys are proliferating:

Seriously, this is the beach!
I mean what's so fun about just jumping around? Can't you accomplish that on like your bed at home?
Okay, I guess if you have a bunk bed, it's difficult, but I mean at the beach?
Like there's nothing better to do?
Hey kids, what do you want to do today?
Let's go to the beach and jump up and down in a semi enclosed plastic Spiderman house!
Well at least the kids are outdoors.
Sort of.
I wonder where the Playstation is hooked up.
It was turning into a nice day so I decided to do some exploring. I mean I was all dressed up and had no where to go so why not?
Off I went to find the President's vacation house.
If you remember the secret spy photos I took when the President was on vacation here, you know that the house he stayed in is near a canal that flows into the ocean:

This section of beach front property is exclusive. There are no public right of ways here.
In the interest of journalism, I braved the 'private property' signs and ventured on:

I parked the Barn Door for a bit and stared into the water to contemplate life and the cream soda that waited for me on the other side of the canal.
It was pretty warm and I was working up a pretty good thirst. I looked down and what should I see?

A sea turtle!
Like right there!
Now what is a sea turtle doing cruising along the edge of the canal? I mean it must be at least a couple hundred yards from the ocean.
Surely a lost soul.
Well turtle number one heads towards open water and then:

Two turtles!
Okay, I know that one looks a lot like turtle number one, but trust me, it's turtle number two!
For me, this is quite incredible for I've never seen turtles in a canal before. I mean I've seen them in the ocean and stuff, but what are they doing swimming so far up the canal?
Must be something for a minute later, turtle number three! Out swimming in the middle of the canal(the pics didn't come out, you'll just have to take my word for it).
What gives?
I better check this place out more often!
Just goes to show you that just when you think you've seen it all.
Well, you know the rest.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Canal turtles?!? Awesome. I also like the shot of the woman recording the kids in the jumpy thing. Now there's some exciting footage for future viewing...our time at the beach in Hawaii...jumping.

limom said...

If those were my kids:
"What? You like jump around?
Okay. See ova dea? Go jump in da wata."
Okay, not really.
I'd speak proper English.