Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revolution Pt.II

It's on baby!
Well, kinda sorta.
I mean they are thinking about it, at least.
No, not an armed revolution. More like a self propelled one.
Seems that a few investors/revolutinaries are looking at putting in one of those public bike stand thingies in Kailua.
You know, the ones that have been popping up all over Europe.
See here.
I also found a blog on the topic here.
Breaking local news here.
So anyways, they want to install two, idunnowhatyoucallem, kiosks? in Kailua to see if this thing will work.
Kailua is a good test bed for it's fairly flat here and everything is sort of localized. The only thing is, there are a couple of places here that already rent out bikes, for we get a lot of tourist traffic since we have like the freakin best beach in the whole world.
I'm not lying.
In the world.

Okay, that's not really a good picture of the beach, but you get the idea.
Like I was saying, Kailua is the ideal place to test this sort of thing out.
On the other hand.
See, there's always this other hand.
On the other hand, based on the way people utilize the bike lanes, it might not be so good.
For me, anyways.
If you've been following along at home, you, the reader, know that I have on occasion mentioned the peculiar cycling habits of the local natives.
If you are new to The Flat Tire, please see here. And here.
I just realized, it is very difficult to search this blog.
I guess that's part of it's charm.
Anyways, having a whole bunch of people riding around here is a good idea.
As long as they are all going the right the way.
Which is not as easy as it sounds.
See, folks here ride like they are blind:

The City has kindly furnished the bicycle riders of Kailua with signs, with ARROWS thank you very much, showing which direction you are supposed to be traveling in.
Do people pay attention?
I'll stop.
Let me drop in reverse.
I'm really glad some innovative far sighted folks have decided to try this bike sharing thing out:

See my ear to ear grin?
Really, anything to do with self propelled transportation is all right by me.
I think people will find out that's it's far easier and enjoyable to pedal a mile than to hop in a car and drive.
I hope it succeeds.
Maybe enough bicycles will be on the road to change how some drivers view us riders.
Maybe there will be so many riders it will cause a shift towards bicycle friendly planning and infrastructure.
Maybe the revolution is on!
The more the merrier I say.
I think.

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