Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The Flat Tire Staff

HONOLULU-The Department of Land and Natural Resources today announced a new plan to regulate Hawaii's newest aquatic sport. Swimmers, surfers, paddlers and beach users have filed complaints to the DLNR against people who have taken up water walking.
Keoni Jones of Waikiki claims the people out on the water just walking around are a hazard to those using the ocean for legitimate ocean sports.
"They walk around, like they got no place better to go. Sometimes they just walk around in circles. I was doing my morning swim and one of them nearly walked all over me," said Jones.
Pierre LeMarcheur of Kaimuki, an avid water walker, believes everyone should have access to the ocean. "We aren't bothering anyone and it's not like there's marked walkways out there. We all have to share."
Water walking originated in Europe, where it is popular to walk on fresh water lakes.
"People have been walking on water for thousands of years," LaMarcheur said. "Okay, maybe it was just one guy before, but now that everyone can do it, we should be able to walk on what ever water we please."
Gloria Couch of Honolulu believes the water walkers should be banned.
"Sometimes I'm sitting on the beach and see these guys out there just walking on the water and it freaks me out."

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