Wednesday, May 26, 2010

le Connaisseur de la Musique

Bon soir!
It is time again for le Connaisseur de la Musique to impart to you my musical wisdom.
I have come to you to declare that Young Americans is M. David Bowie's Greatest Song Ever(DBGSE).
Le title track off of the album Young Americans, it is surely the meilleur composition he ever recorded!

Et why is it so?
Did you not hear from moi?
Did you just not now read it ici?
Surely you know by now not to disputer avec le Connaisseur de la Musique pour what I say is certainment the truth!
Oui, c'est vrai that M. Bowie has many musics worthy of this title, mai Young Americans(DBGSE) stands out like no other!
C'est un anthem!
An anthem to the epic struggle of la jeunesse!
The desespoir et resignation can be heard in his voice as he weaves us a tale urban existence.
M. Sanborn on le saxophone and M. Vandross on backing vocals est exquis!
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
SpaceOddity? Modern Love? Fame?
Not one of these songs has les jambes to stand next to Young Americans(DBGSE)!
C'est faux?
Perhaps you need to clean la cire out of your orielles!
Do not argue avec le Connaisseur s'il vous plait!
One listen and you will ecouter the truth.
It is all in M. Bowie's voix.
Ecouter et you will understand.
Young Americans est David Bowie's Greatest Song Ever(DBGSE).

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