Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Final

Lazy day Fridays are over.
Today was the last of the so-called furlough days and I'm sort of glad to see it go.
While having an extra day off was nice, compressing school work into four days was not.
Soon, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc., will all meld together into one long endless day.
At least until I find some Summer employment.
You couldn't tell it was a work day by the crowd at the beach though. People were out welcoming the weekend and taking in what was left of the day.
So was I:

No legs today means an easy ride. I take my time and mind the sights:

Check out those ape-hangers!
Now that's the way to cruise on down to the beach!
It was a bit windy today, but the view was great:

Who wants to be rescued from this?
Hey man, let me borrow that thing so I can go out and just paddle around!
I don't think so:

Summer means he'll be busy.
Handing out sunscreen.
Or something.
Living here, you start to take this stuff for granted. I mean it's right there, a fifteen minute bike ride away. Hell, I pass by the place like four times a week.
So what does it take to get me interested?
What makes me get off the bike and stop?
No, not bikini clad babes, though that works too.
Today, high in the sky:

Iwa bird, riding the thermals.
Yeah, I'll bet he's happy Summer is here too.

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