Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ending the Streak

It's over.
It was a good run, but all good(sorta) things must come to an end.
Yes dear reader, today, the Longest Posting Streak(LPS) in the history of The Flat Tire has come to an end.
Two weeks.
For two weeks, I have struggled and strained to keep the streak alive.
Fourteen days I toiled and tweaked to give to you, the reader, the best that I had.
Now, unfortunately, it is pau.
Pau, is good word to know if you are ever coming to Hawaii.
"Brah, you pau or what?" roughly translates to "Excuse me sir, but are you finished?"
Done, finished, over.
"Da baseball game pau?"
"Eh, you pau with da bathroom?"
"I was trying fo keep up, but I was pau already."
So yes, in fact the post streak is pau.
I never intended to begin a streak. It just sort of happened.
One day, I looked up and said hey! I got a streak going!
Delivering top notch content isn't easy you know.
Diamonds in the rough is how I like to think of them.
The posts, I mean.
See, you sit at the keyboard and pound them out and if you're lucky, one out of ten might turn into a gem.
Not very good odds.
Still, if you don't step up to the plate.
You know how that goes.
I think the cookie post was a good one.
I don't usually like to toot my own horn, but now that the streak is over, what's the hurt?
Now the cookie post, I had to reach deep to get that one out. I was sitting around, thinking oh my goodness, the streak is going to end, when I spied that bag of cookies and I knew I had a chance to keep it going.
I rubbed my hands together, rolled up my sleeves(okay, not really) and went to work.
Seventeen drafts later, I had it.
Okay, not really.
Wait, I said that already.
Huh? Parenthesis don't count?
Yep, the cookie post. Those were the good ole days.
You remember them days don't you?
When topics would come flying out of nowhere and you couldn't wait to sit down and get them out into Bloggerland? Your fingers literally flew over the keys; you couldn't type fast enough for you were deathly afraid of losing your train of thought and the moment of genius would slip away.
Alas, it is gone.
Now only a dribble of words come forth.
I sit and stare at the screen, wondering where it all went.
Fear not!
There is more to come!
When you are at your lowest, it can only get better!
I can feel the well of words building up!
Building up until it gushes forth in torrents!
Torrents the likes of which you, the reader, have never seen!
Torrents I say!
Whew! I better put on my heart rate monitor to make sure I don't blow up or something.
Maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow I'll start a new streak.


John Romeo Alpha said...

The street, she will provide ample material for the next streak. Charge up the camera battery, because when you least expect it, BAM! A new streak will be upon you. And the words will flow like data from the LHC--terabytes per millisecond! You may need to upgrade your internet to handle the flow...

limom said...

It was the pressure that got to me.
I'll suck it up though and carry on.

dogimo said...

Don't even sweat it man. Some days, you might just put a little two-liner out there. A thought of the day as it were.

That's how I pad my stats.

limom said...