Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I used to subscribe to lots of magazines.
In this day, I guess the trend is to just read stuff online, yet I still buy a newspaper every morning on the way to work.
There's just something about having stuff on real paper right in front of you or to read at your own convenience.
My magazines tend to go as my interests wane and they tend to accumulate as my obsessions grow.
I dig magazines.
Catalogs too.
Can never have too many catalogs.
You know, catalogs that by the time you are through with them are like twice the original thickness. How do they do that?
The incredible, inevitable, expanding catalog!
They tend to be inedible, but some things in them certainly are delicious.
If you know what I mean.
Well nowadays, I only get Art in America:

It's on the high side as far as subscriptions go for like all things art, I guess you gotta pay for all the pictures. I used to subscribe to ArtNews too, but I let that one lapse.
I let it lapse for I have this thing about saving magazines and I got like four years worth of AinA sitting here collecting dust.
I know I'll find a use for them.
One day.
So anyways, in continuing to make a short story really long, I used to get Bicycling.
Every once in a while, I stop off at Borders and check out the cycling periodicals to see if there's anything interesting.
At Borders they must have like a GAGILLION magazines, everything from A to Z!
The problem I have is that I'm a tweener.
I ride what is basically a mountain bike on the road.
Sure it's a twenty-niner and it's got insane hubs that make me insane fast, but it's still a mountain bike.
Magazines like Road, and Mountain Bike Action don't seem to do it for me.
The rags with all the panniers and racks as stuff ain't my cup of tea either.
So just what the hell am I and what am I supposed to read?
I'm a tweener-niner(just made that up!), so perhaps I should buy both road and mountain magazines.
Well, sometimes I do that too.
I was doing my daily blog thing and found this on

Okay, it wasn't that issue exactly; I just got that one in the mail. It was a link to another issue about something or other but I saw the magazine and it looked pretty cool so I figured I'd try it out.
So far so good.
It's a bit thin on content, but I sort of dig the title.
It's for self propelled people!
If I'm not a roadie and not a mountain biker, I for sure am self propelled.
At least some of the time.
Besides, Mr. Bike Snob NYC is on the cover.
More on Mr. Bike Snob NYC later(actually, only a little more since I have to confess, I don't read his blog. I tried once, really I did).
Anyways, I can't really give you, the reader, a review or anything cause it's only like my first issue. Tell you the truth, if it's got pictures, I'm pretty content.
You can see more of Momentum magazine here.
So now that I'm up to like two periodicals, I just can't stop there.
Can I?
Did I say I dig magazines?
Next, I'm thinking of getting Discover Magazine.
Also thinking about Velonews.
Or maybe something in between.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I think we are a demographic: people who used to subscribe to a lot of magazines and now ride bikes for purposes other than the name or type of bicycle would initially suggest, but which actually make a lot of sense when you look closer. My rigid mtn bike did come with fender and rack mounts, so I'm using them...don't have a front rack yet though. I sometimes read Urban Velo online version.

limom said...

Can two people be a demographic?
That sort of makes me sad; I thought I was unique!
Oh, and I got a Nashbar front rack I took off the Barn Door. You are very welcome to have it.