Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project Rockhopper

Today was windy, blustery and overcast so I figured it's about time to take a look at project Rockhopper.
If you aren't following along at home, I appropriated an old Rockhopper from a friend to work on during the Summer.
See the particulars here.
The first thing to check was the drivetrain.
Bottom bracket was still turning to that was a good sign. Dropped some 3in1 on the derailleurs and chain.
Some links in the chain were sticky, so I used some Prolink on them and worked them free:

After getting jiggy with the rear derailleur, it seemed to work okay but the shifters were sticky. I though I would try and change out the cables, but I frayed a cable so I just cut if off.
It's a single speed for now.
If anything, I'll take off the derailleur and put on the one I took off the Barn Door as it looks pretty corroded:

Or I may use this single speed kit I picked up a while back:

I'll have to see if it fits on the seven speed hub.
The front derailleur is out of adjustment too; it sort of skips over the middle ring. I didn't bother trying to adjust it for the limit screws look fused to the housing.
Over all, I'm thinking new shifters and cables at least.
I took off the tires and checked the tubes for holes. They seemed okay. When I took off the tires, the rim tape came off too. I though about running over to the LBS; instead I just used some electrical tape so I could remount the tire.
I'll have to remember to check that later.
The brakes are cantis and were out of adjustment.
Way out of adjustment. The front pads in fact were installed backwards!
So I took them apart and adjusted the cables.
To no avail as the pads were rock hard.
For a second there I wondered if this were some kind of new compound or maybe perhaps prototype Banshee Brakes.
I'll have to order some new pads or change them out for Vs.
I won't have to worry about a new fork for the one on there is frozen solid.
There's some rust on the frame, but not too bad. Here's some surface rust at the seat stay seat tube junction:

That's about par for the frame. Not bad considering it was stored within sight of water. Lots of chips in the paint and scratches, but no dings or dents.
I'm wondering now just what to do with this bike. I don't want too put in too much money(more like no money), on the other hand, if I upgrade the Barn Door, I can use all the take offs.
So I put the tires back on took it for a spin on my street.
It goes:

I have no clue about what to do about that flamingo necked stem. I'll have to do some research.
Maybe I'll put on a set of those ape hangers.
Or not.
Guess it's time to hit up ole evil eBay and see what's available. I'll try and figure out what it's gonna cost to get this thing going.
Project Rockhopper, phase one.


dogimo said...

I love that photo of the single-speed kit! It looks like a great little character. Eyes and a spoked mouth.

limom said...

I'd like to say it was intentional but it wasn't. It does look kinda cool though, thanks!