Friday, February 24, 2012

The Also Rans

The frames that didn't pass go.
The ones I took a long hard look at, but for some reason or other didn't quite do it for me.

No surprise here.
In the end, I was looking for something a bit different.
I mean there can only be one Celeste Devil.
So I went outside the box, so to speak.

Parlez vous francais?
I looked at this Lapierre Sensium for a while.
I liked the internal cables, but wasn't too sure about the elastomer in the rear triangle.
This was a back up frame.

I got all hot and bothered over this Look 595.
Lugged construction, not manufactured in Asia.
2009 closeout frame was sold before I could collect all my funds.
Maybe next year.
Then there was this:

2009 Look 566 also on closeout.
It was Rival equipped, so I was going to part it out and transfer my stuff over to it. If I could have gotten a decent price on the Rival, I would have gone Campagnolo Chorus here.
I almost hit the buy button on this a couple of times, but I told myself to wait a week, you know, to make sure it was what I wanted.
Well, it wasn't.

There was also this Colnago CLX that popped up on the eVilness.
Boy, I was thinking long and hard here too.
I just couldn't go used.
Not with a carbon frame.
By this time I knew it was impossible for me to get anything that matched my criteria, mainly lugs and not made in Asia.
Time, the bicycle, was out of my league and I didn't want to wait for a used Look 595 or 585 to come up for sale.
There were some others, like a Casati and a Specialized Tarmac SL3, stuff from Wilier, BMC, and Ridley.
None of them captured my eyeballs.
I mean I wanted something different, unusual if you will, not something you see everyday.
Thank you President's Day Sale!
I had already decided to step up to the plate when thank goodness for 20% off dropped into my lap.
No problem hitting the buy button at all.
So in a couple of weeks, I'll be riding on this:

Oh yeah.
You, the reader, knew that was coming.
Stay tuned.
Something wonderful is going to happen.


Trevor said...

I agree with you regarding not going used with carbon...I don't think that I would ever feel happy with that.


Steve A said...

New? The las time I bought a new bike for myself was in 1972.

limom said...

Trevor, I think it would have been okay, but in case something was wrong, it's not like I can afford to be shipping a frame back and forth across the Pacific.

Steve A, you know, bicycles don't have wooden wheels anymore.

Steve A said...

Well, when the bicycle salesman told me "steel is real" back in 1972, he was referring to the wheel rims and crank...