Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Something's going down.
Something that may bring in the dawn of The New Era.
The presses will be on hold for the Final Edition.
Meanwhile, the ole Ciocc has been relegated to the junk corner where it unceremoniously awaits a new owner:

Sort of.
Yesterday, as I took it apart, I noticed some rust in the bottom bracket area.
Not like flaking rust, but rust dust if you will, like some particles had come from the tubing:

Okay, you really got to squint yer eyeballs to see what I'm talking about for I cleaned most of it up.
Then I sort of tapped some tubes to see if I could see where the rust was coming from and most of the rust thingys fell from the seat tube.
Some of that rust I believe attacked the drive side bearings of the cranks for the bearings feel a little crunchy.
Not real bad, just different from the non drive side.
Of course it could be all that power I'm laying down, you know, maybe I just burned them poor bearings out!
I may have to look into the bearing puller thingy and some new balls.
Bearings I mean.
So anyways, back to the frame.
I've had that puppy on the eVilist for a couple of months and I've gotten like two inquiries.
Not a lot of folks out there looking for a fine handcrafted Italian frame.
I've toyed with the idea that I may have to keep it as I don't want to just let it go for pennies.
So with rust and all, I was thinking maybe I should get some of that Framesaver stuff or something to shoot in the tubes.
I don't think WD40 will quite do the trick.
Then I figure I'll stuff rags in the pukas and hang it up on the wall in the bathroom.
Or maybe behind the door.
Or something.
You know, for inspiration when I'm well, you don't have to know what I'm doing in the bathroom.
Anyways, I'd like to sell it, the frame I mean, and give it a good home, or I could use it for something else like a flat bar commuter.
Meanwhile, I'll have to see about that rust.
Cause it never sleeps don't you know.
The rust I mean.
Oh wait.
That's a Neil Young song.


Big Oak said...

"It's better to burn out than fade away..."

Sounds like the Ciocc is becoming irrelevant, much like Neil ponders his own irrelevance in that song.

If you can get some framesaver, shoot it in, then try to find someone who'll be able to use it. I've hung on to too many bikes over the years. When I got rid of most of them last year, it felt really good.

Steve A said...

Eezox would probably be a better bet than WD40

Scott said...

If you can't find Framesaver (it's been tough to do so the last year or so) there are alternatives. Linsead oil works or any marine rust inhibitor.

limom said...

Big Oak, ever since I got close to burning out, I've sort of been thinking that fading away ain't so bad.
I hear on turning the frames over.
Last thing I want is a frame museum/graveyard.

Steve A, will look into it.
Kinda sounds like something wool made for yer feet.

linseed oil eh?
Anything marine sounds good too.