Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pull Off, Tap On

It was as easy as that.
Changing the Ultra Torque bearing on my cranks it was.
The Park bearing puller came in today, the bearings arrived last week, so a pulling I went!
The Park Tools thingy:

To be honest, I really didn't need this as my Dad used to pull automotive bearings all the time.
It's just that the pullers are probably buried someplace in The Warehouse and I didn't want to bother digging around for them.
Besides, the Park thingy came with the installer thingy too.
Anyways, there's lock ring holding the bearing in so you remove that first. Snap ring pliers helped out here.
Then you adjust the puller and well, pull:

The bearing came off in like ten seconds as the pressed on surface is only the width of the bearing:

The bearing kit comes with two bearings and two seals, which go on the outboard part of the crank shafts.
The seals I mean.
I just greased the seals up a bit, mostly to prevent moisture I suppose, and used the installer thingy:

A couple of taps and I was done!
Just like new.

Just a word on the Park puller.
I broke it.
Sort of.
There's a washer and C-clip that holds it all together and when retracting the puller part, I managed to pull the C-clip off:

Now the threaded part can be separated from the grabby part though it didn't affect the usefulness of the tool at all.
Not a problem, but not something I expected from Park at all.
They need to beef up that C-clip so it doesn't just fall off.
Now I just need something that I can install these cranks onto.
That something may be coming soon.
I think.
I hope.

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