Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Build

Foiled again!
Yesterday, when went to install the headset at the LBS, it seems the mechanic person was at the dentist and they couldn't find the tool thingy to install the crown race.
It's oversized you see:

The head tube tapers from 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" which is the newfangled thing to do.
There were no instructions for installing the headset, so we're just sort of guessing where the o-rings and the washer goes.
Anyways, while I wait for the LBS to open this morning, I'm working on a few other things.
First of all, lemme just say, the frame is stupid light!
Dedacciai says 1100 grams for the medium frame and this is the small so I guess it's a bit less than that.
It's the sort of thing that sort of fools you when you pick it up, you sort of expect a frame to weight something, not close to nothing!
More on this later.
Anyways, back to the build.
The bottom bracket sleeve was a bit gummed up with glue:

Since I don't have a tap, I got an X-acto knife and cleaned out the threads the best I could.
Cups installed with no other problems.
You can also see the finish on the BB sleeve, not real great if you ask me.
The integrated seat post was a worry for me.
I mean once you cut it, the bicycle has your name on it. I also worried about changing saddles as they differ in the top of seat to rail height, even between the same models as seen on my Selle Italia SLKs.
By the way, the saddle holder thingy and the saddle seem to weigh more than the freaking frame!
Anyways, the saddle holder thingy looks you got a half a centimeter to a centimeter of adjustment, but still this worries me:

I got the spot marked off, I need to remove about 8 centimeters of post to get my BB to seat top height.
Boy, I'm just sitting here looking at it, not quite ready to lop it off!
I'll tape it off and use the Dremelizer to cut.
Once I get up enough courage to make to the first incision.
I bought some of that assembly grease stuff for the well, stuff:

After thinking about it, there aren't too many carbon to carbon assemblies.
I put some on the braze on adapter; it feels like regular grease with some fine grit in it.
The frame is not without some quirks:

The rear brake cable stop is mounted on the right side of the top tube.
In some of the builds I looked at online, most folks had the brakes set up opposite, like the left was operating the rear.
Not sure exactly how I'm going to deal with that as I like to cross the cables in front.
There are also some weird looking things in the finish, but the inside pics don't show them too well so I'll wait to take some images in the sunlight.
I don't think they are flaws per se, but they sort of look funky.
Anyways, it's time.
Time to hack off that seat post.
Don't turn that dial!

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