Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Final

Oh boy!
Was it windy today!
I was blown all over the creation, left and right and backwards.
Hardly any forwards.
At least not that I can remember.
How windy was it?

That was just from my first ride!
Oh, did I mention, I went on two rides today.
Well, it was actually like one ride but it was like a Super Sonic ride in the beginning and a Sub Sonic ride after.
Nothing much to tell about the first ride except that I had trouble holding Mach 1.
All that wind don't you know.
In the second ride though, I was joined by my cousin who says he reads this blog everyday, but I think he's only humoring me.
Anyways, off we went!
Despite a bit o'rain during my first ride, the skies cleared and the wind died down a bit as we made a Tour of Kailua.
Ducks on Duck Road:

Actually they sort of duck like, I'm not really sure what they were.
At least they stopped at the stop sign.
So anyways, my cousin is rehabbing his leg as his Achilles snapped like a rubber band a while back so we sort of took it slow.
Amazing the things you see when you're not Super Sonic!
By now folks were taking advantage of the stiff breeze:

We also came upon two younger blokes(that's like Great Britain talk for dudes) that had an interesting kayak:

Sort of like Cinderella's slipper except bigger and with outriggers.
Bloke said he bought it at a garage sale for like $350 and they were going to try it out today.
I don't think they make it into the actual ocean, probably just cruised in the canal though we didn't see them on the way back.
We did see this:

Apparently some folks were going to take out their canoes and brave the wind swell.
Let me tell, those were some brave folks right there for did I tell you the wind was blowing?

No, them aren't tents you see there in the park.
Them are the kites for the kite surfing blokes.
The kite city always springs up whent the, did I mention the wind was a blowing?
Well my cousin and I braved the vicious breeze and stopped off to refuel:

I was thinking burrito all the way, but now I gotta get in shape cause I'm getting a new You Know What(YKW).
Although my intent with the YNW is go faster than ever, I must say, it's pretty nice just going out and about taking the time to see things you pass by all the time with eyes blurred by industrial strength perspiration.
I should do this more often.
Take my time to see things I mean.
Thanks to my cousin for making me slow down and smell and flowers.
Even if was windy.
Did I mention that it was?
Windy I mean.


Trevor said...

I always feel at home visiting 'The Flat Tire' what with all the Great Britain talk and the wind....


John Romeo Alpha said...

Winds like that make me think of fairings, and recumbents. Because you start to feel like one of those wind surfing kites yourself.

limom said...

Trevor, I like my international followers to feel welcome.
Now if I can only get some French and Italian fans.
Preferably women.

JRA, I riding around telling my cousin about my former bicycle, affectionately called the Barn Door.
Since I was riding the Bike With The Funny Name, I suppose it was like riding un grande porte.
Yesterday, I don't think anything would have helped.