Saturday, February 4, 2012

On the Move!

Hopefully for the last time.
Because lemme tell you, it ain't easy moving that thing around.
The Portable Kiln I mean.
Which is not so portable.
The good thing is we got a spot to put it.
The bad thing is, it's way back here:

If you squint yer eyeballs, you can see a concrete slab there that the kiln will rest on.
I hope it rests there for a long time.
So anyways, we got a bunch of folks to help us out and loaded it up on a trailer.
Which wasn't easy either.
The last time we moved it, we used a tilting trailer, this time, no such luck.
So we huffed and puffed and got it on and away we went:

About a mile down the road.
Best guess it that it weighs at least a ton and the trailer didn't look to happy when we set it down.
Then came the really hard part.
Getting it down that narrow space:

It took us like three tries, but we finally got it in there!
Now we just have to figure out where to put the propane tanks:

Then we'll be ready to start making some clay thingys again.
Then I'll have to really start cranking some stuff out.
Like bowls, bowls, and more bowls.
Which is a good thing, considering all the bicycle stuff I buy.
You know, ceramic stuff = bicycle stuff around these parts.
Sort of.
Anyways, get ready for some Hot Ceramic Action!
Hot, hot, hot!


rlove2bike said...

I do believe!! You have convinced me. I can't imagine moving a kiln...and without breaking it into a bunch of bits. :-)

Thanks for the post!!

Steve A said...

I can see odd, alien ceramics coming from back there soon.

statrixbob said...

Can't wait to see what comes out...not a potter myself, but always enjoy seeing good work.

limom said...

Probably more conventional looking stuff will come out of the high fire.
The goofy stuff will I think will come from the low fire kiln.
The nice thing is that I'll be working with porcelain again.